X-SOCS supports Python versions >= 3.4 (recommended) and 2.7.

At the moment X-SOCS can only be installed from the source, see Installing from source.


The dependencies of X-SOCS are:

In addition, OpenGL 2.1 is required for the 3D view of the QSpace.

Build dependencies

In addition to run-time dependencies, building X-SOCS requires:

  • a C/C++ compiler

  • cython (>=0.21).

Installing from source

Building X-SOCS from the source requires some Build dependencies.

Building from source

Clone the source repository:

git clone

Or download the source as a zip file and unzip it.

Then go into the xsocs directory:

cd xsocs

And install xsocs either with minimal dependency (to use from scripts):

pip install . [--user]

or with all graphical user interface dependencies:

pip install .[gui] [--user]


The --user optional argument installs X-SOCS for the current user only.